The synchronization keeps your lists up to date across multiple devices. In addition, you can create groups for different events, create multiple lists per group and invite multiple members. E.g. for family, roommates, office, wedding, vacation, party planning, etc.

Group chat

To briefly clarify, each group has its own chat with picture and text messages.

Helpful if you don't know which shampoo to buy? Or who will bring the barbecue charcoal after Max has cancelled at short notice?

With the group chat you can rely on the fact that the messages are sent to all group members. You don't have to create a group in WhatsApp first and worry about whether everyone is on WhatsApp? Or Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, etc.

Create long lists quickly

Suggested items from your master list appear after you type two letters. Click on it to add the desired item.

Select items from the master list and add them with one click.

Create a shopping list of items you buy regularly, select all items with one click and add them to the preferred list.
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Automatic sort order

Display shopping lists either categorized, alphabetically sorted or manually sorted. Each shopping list can have its own sorting.


Create recipes with ingredients, directions and pictures. With a few clicks you can add all ingredients to a shopping list.


Add pictures to items to always buy the right shampoo, cat food or coffee.


Do you still have something to do? Write it down in a task list.

Slide Kim K. I've been using this for four years now, and am pleased with the functionality, ability to customize & ease of recovery due to their auto-sync with Google. Kudos also for the instant reply I received to my emailed request for assistance! Great customer service! I'll be using Lister for a long time to come. Slide Kelly M. UPDATE: HUGE CHANGES!! ADDED DARK THEME AND BACKUP OPTIONS!! 5 STARS NOW! Slide Ken B. The best grocery shopping list app available. Love the custom categories and sorting and sharing with sync.

More highlights

All features available for free

Create as many shopping lists, recipes, etc. as you like. You can also add an unlimited number of pictures to items. There is no payment wall!

Essential items

No prefabricated item master with hundreds of items, which only overwhelms you and of which you only ever use a fraction. However, there is an item master with selected items, which surely everyone has bought before. You can type in more items and next time only need to select them to add to your current list. No more typing. Or you can start without an item master list altogether. Many possibilities!

No sale of your data

Actually feature #1! Lister does not collect, aggregate or evaluate any personal data from you. No shopping behaviour, no location tracking, no data collection companies involved, no trackers!


Keep an overview of selected lists on your home screen with widgets!

Doing the groceries with your smartwatch

Do you have a Smartwatch? Then you are hands-free when going shopping. Wear OS and Samsung Gear Smartwatches with Tizen are supported!

Quantity, unit, price

category, note and do-not-forget marker. You can set all this for each item - if necessary. All of this is a piece of cake in Lister!
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