Stores in combination with categories make shopping even easier. No matter in which store you are shopping, once set up the items appear the way you walk through the store!

1) Create stores

  • Open Lister
  • Click on the third icon from the left to navigate to the management menu
  • Click on All stores
  • Type a store name, such as Walmart, in the text box located at the bottom and click OK
  • Type in as many shops as you need

2) Set the category sort order for each store

  • Click back once to return to the management menu
  • Click on All Categories
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner and select a store
  • Now click on Change sort srder
  • Sort the categories
  • To do this, press and hold the icon at the right edge of a category and move your finger up or down
  • Lift your finger again as soon as the category is in the correct position
  • Repeat the steps until all categories are sorted correctly
  • Click on the check mark in the upper right corner to save the sort order
  • Repeat the steps until each store has the desired category order
  • Note that it is very likely that the order between the shops will differ

3) Assign a store to a shopping list to change the category sort order

If you have entered many items already, put those items into categories, created stores and set the category order per store, then is the time to leverage all of this! See how to rearrange items on your shopping list in just a few clicks. This will make sure that the items appear the way you walk through the store! You will then only have to cross off items as you put them in your basket. These items will be moved to the bottom of the screen and thus you won't have to scroll anymore and you won't have to walk back an aisle or two in the store as your list is in order.

Imagine that your list looks like this and you were going to be doing your groceries at the General store.


As you can see your categories are as follows: Dairy, Vegetables, Fruit, Household and Snacks. And let's imagine that you are today at an Aldi store as they have a sale today. The aisle/category order is likely different. Since you set the category order before you can now set Aldi as your store and the list will look like so:


As you can see the category order has changed and is now the way you walk through an Aldi store. Here's how to change the store in just a few clicks:

In the the shopping list view click on the name of the list at the top bar.


In the new view click on the drop down menu of the shops.


And select the store you are in right now. In this example it is Aldi. Click on the save icon at the top right.

The above is just an example, of course, and certainly you will have more items on your shopping list. But as you can see you can rearrange the items with a few clicks and always stay organized!


  • Lister remembers prices per item and store and saves the date. In the price history you can easily track prices.
  • If you move an item from one list to another, the price is updated to the new list if the list has a different store assigned.