With categories, items are arranged the way you walk through the store. Items that you put into the shopping cart are simply checked off. Scrolling is no longer necessary and neither is going back and forth in the supermarket!

1) Create categories

  • Open Lister
  • Click on the third icon from the left to navigate to the management menu
  • Click on All Categories
  • Type a category name, such as Vegetables, in the text box located at the bottom and click OK
  • Type in as many categories as you need
  • It is advisable to describe categories as precisely as possible, e.g. instead of one category called Fruit & Vegetables, create two categories. One called Fruit and the other called Vegetables

2) Sort categories

  • Afterwards it is recommended to sort the categories the way you walk through the store
  • In the same view, you should see "General" in the top right-hand corner of the drop-down menu
  • This means that you sort the categories for the "General" store
  • You can find out more about shops and the "General" store here
  • Now click on Change Sort Order
  • Sort the categories
  • To do this, press and hold the icon at the right edge of a category and move your finger up or down
  • Lift your finger again as soon as the category is in the correct position
  • Repeat the steps until all categories are sorted correctly
  • Click on the check mark in the upper right corner to save the new sort order

3) Assign items to categories

  • Click back once to return to the management menu
  • Click on All items
  • Search for items that you want to include in a common category and click the checkboxes of these items
  • The bar at the top of the screen will have changed
  • Click on the category icon. That's the icon to the left of the trashcan icon
  • Select the desired category in the dialog and click OK
  • Repeat the above steps until all items are assigned to a category