Advanced settings

In Lister you can customize many things. Take a look at an excerpt of the many customization options!

Set global sort order for all shopping lists

Each shopping list has its own sort order. If you want all shopping lists to have a specific sort order, you can specify this here. Afterwards, the selected sort order will always be used for all shopping lists, even if a different sort order is displayed in the editing view of a shopping list. This option is only recommended if you share shopping lists with others in a group and you cannot agree on a sort order.

Screen orientation

Set the screen orientation. This is mostly intended for tablets if you prefer to use Lister in portrait or landscape mode.

Minimize category header

Reduce the category bar height to a minimum. The bars are then only as tall as the font size. It may then be more difficult to touch the buttons in the bar but you will see more items on the screen.

More than a dozen settings options in the advanced settings

There are now more than a dozen setting options in the advanced settings. Have a look around and customize Lister to your needs!